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"Humanity's first alien" KANEKI Yoshio.「人類初の宇宙人」 金木義男。


Meet KANEKI Yoshio a.k.a. humanity's first alien.


Human issues, from wars to... just about everything. Humans do nothing to solve 'em. And I, want to do, something about that.


 He has written his own philosophical book on the immaturity of humans from the point of view of an alien, called Uchujin no Tsukkomi, which loosely translates to The Friendly Slap From an Alien.



Here are a few quotes from the book.



- "Humans are immature because they are serious about fighting wars"

- "Humans are immature because they have these things called 'countries'"

- "Humans still think that the 'natural disasters' in recent years are natural disasters when they are really man made"

- "Humans are immature because they have the concept of 'value'"




In 2014, the film making team Chomoranma Kikaku created a documentary about Yoshio's activities. OVERSTAND created the subtitles for the piece which was entered it into several film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival.


Over 70 years old at the time of filming, until recently he could be found pulling his cart around the streets of Osaka selling his book.Though his methods have changed, he is still at it, striving to tackle all the human issues of the world, in his own way.


He is currently in mid-production of a new philosophical book.


The video below is the trailer for his documentary.

Romantic Road -The luxurious life of KANEKI Yoshio-

































ろまんちっくろーど 〜金木義男の優雅な人生〜





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